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Add support for OUSD, wOUSD, and OGV as denomination asset + OUSD as a DeFi Integration
Currently, OGN is a supported denomination asset for vault creation. We'd like to propose the following: Have OUSD and OGV as denomination vault assets. Integrate & Support the OUSD swapping & wrapping portal as a DeFi Integration (as shown on and ). Add OGV staking support. Add support for OUSD, wOUSD, and OGV as vault assets. Below I have provided all of the information associated with the aforementioned assets: Origin Dollar (OUSD) Etherscan: Documentation: Coinmarketcap: Coingecko: - - Wrapped OUSD (wOUSD) Etherscan: Documentation: - - Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) Etherscan: Documentation: Coinmarketcap: Coingecko: - - Voting Escrow Origin Dollar Governance (veOGV) Etherscan: - - Origin (OGN) Etherscan: Documentation: Website: Coingecko: Github:
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