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24 Hour Gain % is wildly inaccurate
I think the 24 Hour Gain % is so wildly inaccurate it is taking away from the credibility of Enzyme. If a user cannot trust your 24hr gain calculations that are so easily checked - then what else cannot be trusted. I use the polygon version - so I will quote my example from there. Today's Top Gainers Eye of the Tiger +5.53% So you click on the portfolio and it says a 24 Hour Gain % of -0.74% Why the difference? Then you look at what assets are held in the Portfolio and it only has 1 asset 50,000.830606 USDC and it shows a 24 Hour Gain % of +3.51% So that is the 3rd different 24 performance figure Enzyme has given me. Why? So lets have a look at what says the 24 hour gain is +.003% which is nowhere close to any of the 3 different values Enzyme calculated. I used Eye of the Tiger as an example because it only had 1 holding (USDC) so it was easy to show the numbers for the example. But the numbers are way our of a variety of portfolios and a variety of currencies. If we have a look at the portfolio for Insula™ Phaeacia I will give you some examples. The format will be Currency, Enzyme gain, coinmakretcap gain: WMATIC -19.47% -10.18% DAI +4.37% +.1% QUICK -18.35% -13.31% UNI -20.45% -8.44% etc How is anybody supposed to compare the performance of the portfolios with discrepancies like these? Does it effect valuations when deposits and withdrawals are made? If it is not possible to report accurate 24 hour percentages, but 7 day or 30 day percentages are more accurate - I would suggest you switch to one of those to maintain confidence in Enzyme. I am a fan of Enzyme - just very concerned about this.