While support for LP token farms on platforms like Uniswap adds a lot of utility and flexibility in approach to asset management on Enzyme, a problem persists in that yield is given out in that platform's/DEX's token.
This is not always ideal. For one, it means exposure to tokens and price fluctuations that investors might not necessarily want. Additionally, calculating how often compounds should be made and manually compounding in and of itself means more fees and friction between investors getting the most exposure to their assets of choice.
Yeild optimizers (also referred to as autocompounders) solve this problem by automatically compounding rewards back into the LP, giving the most amount of exposure to and yeild in the selected assets. Beefy Finance is one such optimizer that exists on Sulu's chain of choice; Polygon. Support for Beefy, or large and secure optimizers similar to it, would substantially increase efficiency with minimal fees.